Copertina vol. 1

 Le carni bianche – dalla storia all’attualità in Piemonte - (volume 1)

( The white meats - from the history to the present time in Piemonte)



10 €


 La Bionda e la Bianca Storia e futuro delle galline Bionda Piemontese e Bianca di Saluzzo e Cavour - (volume 2)

(The Fawn and the White - History and future of the Piemontese Fawn hen and the White hen of Saluzzo and Cavour)



10 €



Copertina vol. 2


Copertina vol. 3

 Il Grigio - Storia e futuro del coniglio Grigio di Carmagnola - (volume 3)

(The Grey - History and future of the Carmagnola Grey Rabbit)



10 €


 Il Grigio - 2 – Origini e risultati produttivi del coniglio Grigio di Carmagnola  - (volume 4)

(The Grey - 2 - Origin and Productive Performances of the Carmagnola Grey Rabbit)



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Copertina vol. 1


Copertina vol. 1

 The Grey - 2 – Origin and Productive Performances of the Carmagnola Grey Rabbit - (volume 5)

This book is proposed as the necessary completion of the job carried out in these years from the Department of Animal Sciences of the University of Torino and from the Piemonte Poultry and Rabbit Producers Association on the Carmagnola Grey Rabbit breed.

From the end of 2004 the start up of the “Consortium for Protection of Piemontese Fawn Hen, Saluzzo White Hen and Carmagnola Grey Rabbit” has given body to a new producers’ reality, strongly linked to our territory.



10 €


Il Grigio - 3 –   Bibliografia - (volume 6 su CD-rom)                                                                     

(The Grey - 3 - Bibliography) CD-rom



30 €



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