To obtain products according to a guaranteed productive chain, the Consortium for Protection of Piemontese Fawn Hen, Saluzzo White Hen and Carmagnola Grey Rabbit promotes several products.


Confezione da 180 g

Carmagnola Grey Rabbit Meat Sauce

A meat sauce obtained from guaranteed and certified Carmagnola Grey Rabbit meat: excellent quality meat, valued for its white colour, tenderness and delicate taste, obtainable only from the Carmagnola Grey Rabbit breed.

Use: Tasting the sauce with fresh tagliatelle is highly recomended.

Ingredients: Tomato, Carmagnola Grey Rabbit meat 45%, extra vergine olive oil, onion, parsley, garlic, salt.

Package: 180 g jar. 


Carmagnola Grey Rabbit Pâté

It is unique in its kind thanks to its very high quality ingredients: only meat and liver from the Carmagnola Grey Rabbit with fresh vegetables and no thickener, for this pâté with an extremely delicate taste.

Use: It is delicious spread on hot toast or as stuffing for vol-au-vent.

Ingredients: Carmagnola Grey Rabbit meat 65%, Carmagnola Grey Rabbit liver 22%, onions, bacon, extra vergine olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt, carrots, celery.

Package: 90 g jar.

Confezione da 90 g




Carmagnola Grey Rabbit Meat in Oil

The Carmagnola Grey Rabbit meat is particularly astonishing: in this traditional preparation all the refined qualities of this meat are enhanced.

Use: It is excellent as hors d’oeuvre, to be served with corn salad and balsamic vinegar.

Ingredients: Carmagnola Grey Rabbit meat 73%, olive oil, butter, onion, white wine vinegar, black pepper, garlic, natural aroma, salt.

Package: 280 g jar.

Saluzzo White Hen Meat in Oil

This product, prepared with homemade care, maintains and enhances the delicacy of the Saluzzo White Hen meat: both the aspect and the different meat colour shows the passion with which this meat is prepared.

Use: It is excellent as hors d’oeuvre.

Ingredients: Saluzzo White Hen meat, olive oil, spices, salt, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, preservatives: E250, E252.

Package: 240 g jar.

Confezione da 180 o 300 g



Piemontese Fawn Hen Cooked Salami

Ingredients: Piemontese Fawn Hen meat, bacon, olives, salt, black pepper, nutmeg, potassium nitrate.

Package: about 300 g vacuum packed wrapping.



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